Change or
be changed

Your brand faces a continuously shifting landscape. It needs to evolve to succeed. But how can your brand change and remain authentic? How can it change without losing its way?

That’s where we come in.

About Us
  • Welvie

    Learn how we helped Welvie launch a groundbreaking decision-making tool for elective-surgery.

  • Girl Scouts

    Learn how our Brand i/o process changed the way Girl Scouts around the USA sell cookies.

  • CCNY

    See why The City College of New York turned to us to craft a straight A website.

  • BASF

    Learn how we helped BASF employees create the chemistry for a perfect work-life balance.


Know the Facts
Find the Truths

At Monaco Lange, we believe your brand's core truths are its guiding compass. Through our proprietary Brand i/o™ process, we pinpoint the soul of your organization’s identity and develop a brand that’s simple, inspiring and meaningful to the people who matter most — your customers, your employees, and your leadership.

Brand i/o


Organizing Chaos Through Design

When a brand project begins, it’s inherently a mess. Clients have clear goals, but countless details and conflicting priorities can make the path to reaching those goals unclear, and messy. That’s OK. It’s what we’re here for.

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Business Lessons from Soccer

Monaco Lange founding partner Greg Monaco talks about his experience as a professional soccer player.

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The Key to Building A Great Brand? Be Open to Change

An expertly executed and launched brand is like a beautifully performed symphony: each element contributes in a unique, but orchestrated way to the benefit of the whole.

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