Tessa Tinney

Before We Brand, We Understand

I love grocery shopping. It’s weird, but I relish the process of creating my weekly list, categorizing it by store and arranging the departments according to the order I’ll reach them on my shopping journey.

It’s a relaxing experience for me and I feel assured that I have everything my family needs to get through the upcoming week.

As you can tell, I’m not very spontaneous.

So when Circle K in Florida came to us to help brand their Take Away Café — a fresh food oasis in the middle of a convenience store — I had to wrap my mind around another world. The spontaneity of shopping for fresh food in a convenience store environment was totally new for me.

I truly believe I can’t brand a product or service until I understand why it’s important to people and how they feel about the problem it’s solving. Circle K is a world of convenience — of fresh food fast. They serve a need for busy moms, hard working guys and teens who want a delicious meal on the go.

I had each of these groups in mind when working through Circle K’s Brand Storybook. I thought of the mom in the car with three kids, each of whom wants a different snack on the way to soccer practice. Or the hard working man who craves a hot, fast lunch to fuel him for the rest of the day. Or the group of teen friends who stop by Circle K after school and pool their allowance money together so they can get a bunch of snacks to share.

The Monaco Lange team brought all of these people to life in the Brand Storybook, which established a fun and unique look and feel for the new brand. Circle K gave the Brand Storybook to their internal marketing department, production houses, photographers, and writers. With just the Brand Storybook in hand, all of those people were able to craft a consistent, compelling brand across all touch points, from in-store signage to billboards to trucks. We made it easy, fast and cost effective for Circle K to introduce their new food service line with a strong brand.

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