Greg Monaco

Creative Break Through

You’ve heard the crickets before. We all have. Those uncomfortable moments when the ideas come to a hard stop. When white noise slowly fills up the room, and the heating pipes start to clang. Everyone is head down searching for something. Heavy sighs. A cough or two, then… nothing.

When we were working with our client Welvie we were dug in, committed to the trenches of creativity. We had opinions at the table and a deadline dead ahead. It was a flurry of activity and—like any 8 year old on Halloween—we crashed, slipping into a creative coma.

We didn’t just need a break. We needed a break through.

Studies show that movement, even a short brisk walk, is enough to energize the brain and recapture the mojo. And that’s what we did. Knowing the Welvie team members loved yoga, we called in one of our favorite instructors, rolled out some mats and practiced.

When we came together, the process seemed fresh, we saw the challenge through energized eyes. Don’t take my word for it, here’s Marketing Director Craig Klasic’s take.

We promise, we don’t make all our clients sweat, but sometimes there’s a need.

As a practice at Monaco Lange, we infuse activity into what we do. We have standing status meetings where we touch base about what’s going on with clients and internal projects. You may find us strolling down 27th Street for a walking meeting. We have a standing desk station. We find the active stance makes meetings more efficient— and higher energy—than the feet up, ultra slouch used to watch Sunday football.

Get up and wake up. It’s time to move. Sometimes simple, physical action is all it takes to get the creative energy moving.

So if you’re stuck, move.