Colin Lange

Everything You
Need To Know About Employee Retention
Can Be Learned In Marriage Counseling

Talk Originally Seen at Disrupt HR NYC

Retaining talent within your organization isn’t a new conversation. In fact, it is an old conversation, but one that continues to top the list of critical business issues today. Tesla is fighting with Apple for developers, Google is being raided by startups, financial giants struggle to keep the young talent that they have taught and trained. So how do you have a real impact on retaining your talent? You need to look beyond the spreadsheets, trendy employee programs and competitive reviews to focus on the fundamentals of successful human connectedness: the relationships themselves.

Marriage counselors and psychologist have spent decades studying, understanding and helping individuals forge lasting relationships. What separates poor from good and good from great? Communication. Great relationships are built upon and thrive from emotionally compelling, authentic and honest communications. And that’s not just true for marriage. Building and strengthening the relationship between your employees and your organization requires figuring out communications roadblocks and how to overcome them so you’re building bridges instead of walls. By mastering your relationships, you’ll reduce your divorce rate, super-charge employee programs and galvanize a workforce who loves where they work.