Greg Monaco

It All Starts With A Story

We, as a species, have told stories throughout our history. From the Lascaux cave paintings 17,300 years ago to the latest episode of Breaking Bad, stories connect us. They’re how we build relationships, learn from one another, and understand each other.

Around a campfire, at a coffee shop, on the phone with a friend—stories bring meaning and color to our lives. We gravitate toward stories because of the deep connections we make with them. A good story makes you remember, think, feel and want to share. A good story is one you go back to time and again.

A powerful brand is built upon a meaningful and memorable brand story. With a story as its foundation, a brand comes to life. It triggers emotions and inspires action. That’s why Monaco Lange created the Brand Storybook process. This proprietary process begins with research and strategy as the foundation, and continues through creative execution and deployment.

The result is a beautifully crafted and emotionally driven story that serves as the cornerstone for all future marketing efforts. Check our Brand Storybook Insight.