Kara Whitely

Meet people where they are

One of the problems I faced as a new mom was I only had two hands.

In my pre-baby life this wasn’t a problem. And while I did my homework, reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting and even What to Expect the First Year, one thing I didn’t expect was how much lugging there would be.

There’s the diaper bag, the car seat and yes, the baby. And here’s the thing, babies get heavier every day. Of course that’s a good thing, but everyday it means the amount that you’re lugging is a little more.

When my first daughter was first born, every time I went out, I wished I had a pack mule to help ferry all the baby supplies I needed to bring with me. The bucket car seat with a handle to hook over your forearm looks like it would be easy to manage. But trying to open a door with the car seat in one hand and a diaper bag on the opposite shoulder makes you bumble like never before.

The one thing I just couldn’t seem to manage was adding a big box of diapers to the mix and couldn’t find a solution that made this necessary errand easy. I was busy trying to interpret from cries to colors of poo (seriously, the hospital sends you home with a chart to determine what’s normal).

As wildly extravagant as a trip to Target might have seemed, the idea of lugging the baby, all the things that went with her and myself there after two solid hours of sleep seemed overwhelming. And as much as I would have wanted to send my husband out for this errand, I wanted him to be at home with our daughter so I could do something special such as comb my hair.

Here’s the thing about diapers, they have to be bought because if you run out, well, that wouldn’t be good. I needed to get them, and typically ended up paying too much for little packages (like most things, diapers are often less expensive in bulk). That’s when came to the rescue.

I came upon through an over-enthusiastic mother who seemed to have it together. By which I mean, it appeared she had showered that week.

Once I tried it, I was sold. Shipping for any order more than $50 was free. With diapers, that wasn’t a hard price point to overcome. Their brand was friendly and fun. Surfing the Internet—even if it was for diapers and wipes—was amazingly easy. I could go into my account and re-order in two clicks.

With the free delivery, it was almost like a friend stopped over and delivered a box of something. Even though I paid for the diapers, it just seemed like a neighborly service. They met me, and lots of other mothers, where we were. It wasn’t just purchasing diapers it was as if they were doing me a favor.

They accepted coupons, which was good because I was on maternity leave and, well, shelling out money for pricey diapers.

But I found the same amount of brand love that my fellow mother did. I’d drop into conversations, buy online gift cards for new moms and scroll through their offerings. It wasn’t just because they gave me a referral credit to those other moms who signed up. It was because I truly loved them and I wanted my friends to have the great experience that I did.

I wanted someone else to do the lugging for them.