Colin Lange

Small Agencies Luring Big Brands

In a May 20 AdWeek story, Andrew McMains highlighted three small agencies who are working with big brands – Burger King, Walmart and Pepsi.

It doesn’t surprise me that large clients are moving projects to smaller agencies. We’ve been seeing (and reading) about this trend for a while now. There are a million logical reasons for an account to parse out work — cost, flexibility, “fresh” ideas.

At our brand consultancy, we are continually pitted (and win) against the big names: Landor, Interbrand, Ogilvy, to name a few.

Win or lose, the final decision always comes down to who the client “likes more” and “feels” good about; the decision is always driven by emotion. And, frankly, assuming all the agencies are competent to deliver on the assignment, smaller firms are often just more likable.