Greg Monaco

Storybook Solution

Jabba the Hut is not Star Wars. Neo is not The Matrix. Vinny Vega is not Pulp Fiction. Each of these characters play a role as part of a larger narrative, but they aren’t the narrative. Brands work the same way. The goal is to assemble a cast of characters that tells your brand story in a powerful and compelling way.

So when we hear a folks say, “We need a new logo,” we know they’re talking about a character in their brand story, even though they might not see it 
that way.

When we ask “Why do you need a new logo?” we sometimes hear “It’s ugly” or “It just doesn’t represent who we are anymore.”

Ugly is easy to fix. But when a logo or website no longer represents a company, it means that something at the core has changed—there’s a different brand story to tell. A new logo won’t fix that. A new logo will just act as stage dressing.

Business leaders are tempted to go straight into executing a website, logo or brochure as immediate fixes for what seems amiss. It’s understandable.
 It’s the stuff that people see as the front lines of a brand. But it’s ultimately a temporary fix on a deeper issue.

Changing a logo or redesigning a website is
 only worthwhile if you have a clear, focused, and relevant story to tell your customers. But without the story as a foundation for all marketing, you will be in a perpetual state of reinvention, eventually losing sight of any core idea.

With a clear brand story in hand, you can more efficiently develop marketing materials. And your brand will be more memorable and meaningful.

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